More Than Shy: Why Your Child Might Be Struggling With Selective Mutism

Shy child hiding behind pillow, representing selective mutism.

When does your child speak the most? Do they only speak to certain people? Are they comfortable speaking at home, but not in public? At school, do their teachers comment on how little they participate in class discussions? Does it seem like when they’re expected to speak, they don’t speak at all? Selective Mutism is […]

Anxiety Is What You Make of It: 3 Ways to Rethink Fear

Woman curled into a ball on her bed, representing what anxiety is.

  Fight or flight: This is our evolutionary survival response to things that scare us. Because human brains are so sophisticated, the fight or flight response activates for reasons that aren’t just sabretooth tigers on the savannah. Anxiety is the result. And it’s for that same reason, our awareness and intelligence, that we can come […]