6 Ways That Self-Aware Young People Can Thrive in Their 20s

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You can do a lot of living by the time you’re 30 years old, and if you have enough self-awareness, you can set yourself up for exponential growth. The best way to think of your 20s is as a time for investment. Not just for money, but for life experiences, self-discovery, skill building, and determining […]

DBT-C Parenting Group

    Led by Drs. Erica Rozmid & Andrew Rogers 11 weeks of content + 1 of those weeks is meeting 1 on 1 with Dr. Rogers or Dr. Rozmid. Parents have access to contact co-leaders throughout the program (each week) through a 15-minute phone call or email exchange if challenging behaviors arise The workbook […]

This 1 Scuba-Diving Technique Decreases Intense Emotions

This 1 Scuba-Diving Technique Decreases Intense Emotions! Never been scuba diving? No Problem! You can still reap the benefits from this skill. I hope you know that my blog titles are indicative of the blog content. So…just hang on a moment before you find out how scuba diving can improve your mental health! Imagine that […]

The Research Behind CBT & DBT Therapy

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WHAT CONDITIONS DO YOU TREAT? I specialize in treating Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, Depression, Difficulty with Regulating Emotions, Parent Coaching, Borderline Personality Disorder, & Bipolar Disorder. I also specialize in treating child-specific problems (the highly sensitive child, behavioral outbursts, Selective Mutism, & separation anxiety). WHAT THERAPIES DO YOU USE? I utilize the therapy treatments below. Click […]

Are You Stuck In A Depression? 5 Strategies for Getting Out of Depression

It’s easy to recognize classic depression symptoms, but no two people are the same, and no two depressions are the same either. The causes of depression are complex. It is often a unique combination of your unmet needs, your relationships, your traumas, your sensitivity, your sense of self-worth, and what you believe about the world […]

SPACE: A Counterintuitive Guide to Parenting Anxious and Troublesome Kids

It is the natural instinct of a parent to shield their child from anxiety and danger. However, psychologists are finding that too much parental intervention — speaking for socially nervous children, entertaining a child’s unique obsessive symptoms, and never leaving a child by themselves — is doing more harm than good. Therapies like SPACE and Parent Management Training (PMT) […]

DBT-C and DBT How-Skills Help Children Find Peace With Themselves

There are few things more crucial in life than learning how to take care of yourself, and this is first learned in childhood. Early in life, a child begins to learn how to relate to themselves, and this can affect them in profound ways later on. For highly emotional children, also known as “supersensers”, this […]

The Meaning of Assertiveness: How to Use DBT to Finally Get What You Want

A lot of us make a habit of ignoring our needs to make other people comfortable. We withhold our opinions, our complaints, our wants, our needs, and our desires for fear of making others upset. This is basically a blueprint for feeling unfulfilled. You deserve better than that. You just need to prove it to […]