Connecting Virtually During Social Distancing

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During the past week, most non-essential businesses went virtual, if that was an option. People are probably spending much more time on their screens than when working in the office. Since social media is so convenient and accessible, it can be hard to resist. However, social media can surge one’s anxiety during a pandemic (Chan et al., 2017). Rather than mindlessly scroll through your feed for hours, here are some tips on how to use social media with awareness and to possibly improve the moment and your mood.


1. #togetherathome Artists around the world are providing free concerts from their living room to promote the self-quarantine. Artists such as Chris Martin from Coldplay, John Legend, and Charlie Puth were among those who performed. Search this hashtag in Instagram to find out more artists each night.


2. FaceTime or Google Hangouts your friends. Who says happy hour has to end?! Standing happy hour appointments or hangout sessions can be a great way to be physically distant yet be socially connected.


3. Notice the impact that social media has on your mood, thoughts, and behaviors. Try out these mindfulness practices to remain in control rather than let social media control you.

*Set a five-minute alarm as a mindfulness alarm to limit the amount of time you spend on social media.

*Consume news with intention- it can be extremely easy and mindless to turn on the news or to refresh your twitter for the latest developments of COVID-19. Instead, make a commitment to yourself for how often you will seek out the news (i.e., 3 times a day).


4. Virtual viewings. Museums, zoos, aquariums and other venues are taking you behind the scenes in virtual tours. This is a great option for you or your kids. Find out more here.


5. Ever wanted to take courses from an Ivy League school? Now you can…for free!! Click here to learn more.


6. Free on-demand workouts listed below:


Cardio and Strength Workouts






Self quarantining can be really different and difficult. Since we don’t have a lot of control at the moment, we must accept our new current reality- as it is for now. There is meaning to be found during a time like this. I mean if anything, my dog is the happiest he’s been in years to have constant belly rubs. It might be really hard to find a silver living if your entire world is upside down. Social media can escalate fears around coronavirus so it is especially important to limit your usage; if you are to use social media, be intentional and make it fun.




Chan, M. P. S., Winneg, K., Hawkins, L., Farhadloo, M., Jamieson, K. H., & Albarracín, D. (2018). Legacy and social media respectively influence risk perceptions and protective behaviors during emerging health threats: A multi-wave analysis of communications on Zika virus cases. Social Science & Medicine212, 50-59.